We work closely with distributors to understand their whole business needs (and not just those all-important commercial and supply objectives).

Your dedicated partnership manager will be a structural cement board specialist in his or her own right, and will be backed by extensive technical and sales teams.

We always welcome the opportunity to support distributors with training and technical information.


CemDeck, CemClad, CemSteel and Versaroc are all established and popular brands, tried and tested on thousands of projects across North America.

USAP backs these powerful brands with the marketing and promotional activities needed to keep them front-of-mind for architects, engineers and contractors alike.


Underpinning everything is the premium quality of the USAP product range.

Our structural cement boards deliver fire resistance, non-combustibility, load bearing and durability for floor, roof and wall construction, and our extensive testing and R&D regime ensure we have the necessary certification in place to ensure your customers can meet the full range of code requirements for load bearing, non-combustibility, materials safety and more.


USAP’s popular and high-quality structural cement boards are available at market-beating prices, with efficient and dependable supply and delivery.

This winning combination makes USAP a profitable addition to any distributor’s catalogue.

Products | find specifications and technical information today

Plycem SX20/20™

A premium structural, non-combustible board ideally suited for the construction of fire-rated floor assemblies.

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A decorative fiber-reinforced cement board simulating the look of natural stone – perfect for for interior and exterior wall cladding applications.

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A non-combustible structural board featuring a laminated galvanized steel sheet for additional strength and durability in fire-rated floor and security wall applications, and ideal for roof sheathing.

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A highly fire-resistant structural board suitable for exterior and interior wall construction, floors, ceilings, or as a general purpose building panel.

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Distributor Support | building relationships

How we can help

We offer dedicated one-to-one support for our distributors. Each partnership manager is a structural cement board expert in his or her own right, and is supported by our full technical, logistics and administrative teams.

Your partnership manager can:

  • Help you identify the right products and assemblies to meet customer requirements
  • Identify the applicable codes, UL and ASTM assemblies and more
  • Advise on production / installation techniques and processes
  • Advise on supporting materials (including paint, sealers and fasteners)
  • Organise training on the products, applications and markets

Above all, USAP is committed to supporting its products with advice, technical expertise and an unrivalled distributor experience.

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