USAP’s range of structural cement boards delivers outstanding fire resistance, non-combustibility, load bearing and durability for floor, roof and wall construction. Our experts are on hand to ensure you get the materials performance your project demands, every time.


Our extensive testing and R&D regime ensure we have the necessary certification in place to ensure you meet the full range of code requirements for load bearing, non-combustibility, materials safety and more.


USAP boards are made with recycled materials, are non-toxic, contain no hazardous volatiles and are free of any asbestos or formaldehyde. They can make an important contribution to the LEED certification of your project.


The USAP product range delivers all these advantages at outstanding price points, contributing significantly to the ROI of your project. Free and accessible technical advice will also enhance the end-to-end efficiency of the project.

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Plycem SX20/20™

A premium structural, non-combustible board ideally suited for the construction of fire-rated floor assemblies.

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A decorative fiber-reinforced cement board simulating the look of natural stone – perfect for for interior and exterior wall cladding applications.

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A non-combustible structural board featuring a laminated galvanized steel sheet for additional strength and durability in fire-rated floor and security wall applications, and ideal for roof sheathing.

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A highly fire-resistant structural board suitable for exterior and interior wall construction, floors, ceilings, or as a general purpose building panel.

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Support | technical support and advice to ensure the success of your project.

How we can help

We are committed to providing architects, designers and engineers with technical, sales and support services which are responsive, rapid and informed. Everything starts with your project and your requirements. By listening and responding to your needs, we can:

  • Confirm specifications
  • Identify products and assemblies to meet project requirements
  • Propose innovative and non-standard solutions for complex technical challenges
  • Identify the applicable codes, UL and ASTM assemblies and more.

Above all, we are here to help you meet the multiple challenges that any project throws up with solutions that are understandable, usable, effective and efficient.

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