Plycem SX20/20 non-combustible subfloor

Plycem non-combustible subfloor panel relaunched as Plycem SX20/20

Plycem’s structural non-combustible subfloor panel has been relaunched with a new brand name, Plycem SX20/20.

The change means that the fiber cement panel formerly known in the United States and Canada as Plycem Cemdeck will now be branded internationally as Plycem SX20/20.

While the new name will bring greater global consistency to the branding of the panel, the market-leading product itself – including its specifications, performance and accreditations – remains unchanged.

Exclusive Plycem SX20/20 distribution

Plycem SX20/20 will also continue to be distributed exclusively in the United States and Canada by U.S. Architectural Products.

USAP chief executive officer Simon MacDonald said: “Under its previous Cemdeck branding, Plycem’s fiber cement subflooring panel has been a proven performer for non-combustible decking assemblies in the US and Canadian markets for more than 25 years.

“As well as non-combustibility, the panel provides excellent load bearing performance and of course remarkable value.

“We believe the SX20/20 name will help us to achieve greater consistency and clarity in communicating with existing customers, as well as to reach out to new customers who have not yet discovered the product.

“We are confident that under the new name this outstanding panel will remain a firm favourite among the many architects, engineers, contractors and modular & off-site companies which put Plycem fiber cement subflooring at the heart of their assemblies.”

About the Plycem SX20/20 non-combustible subfloor panel

Plycem SX20/20 is a structural non-combustible subfloor fiber cement board, designed and manufactured for use in fire-rated floor assemblies.

The board is non-combustible per ASTM E136, with up to 2 hour fire-rated floor assemblies.

This specialist cement board also provides excellent load bearing performance, with an interlocking tongue-and-groove edge ensures solid joining and uniform loading across supports.

Compatible with the vast majority of floor finishes, this outstanding board is moisture resistant, insect / vermin proof and impact resistant, as well as offering class-leading acoustic insulation.

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