Modular industry spotlight on Plycem structural subflooring

With interest in offsite construction widely expected to reach an all-time high in 2018, the Modular Building Institute has kicked off the year with a focus on PlyCem Cemdeck structural subflooring.

The product, which is being rebranded in early 2018 as Plycem SX 20/20 Premium Structural Subflooring, was featured in the Product Spotlight of MBI Member News January 2018, which stated:

“Plycem Cemdeck has been the flooring choice for many modular projects and is designed for use in fire-rated floor assemblies.

“The specialty cement board provides excellent load bearing performance. It has an interlocking tongue-and-groove edge that ensures solid joining and uniform loading across supports.

“Compatible with the vast majority of floor finishes, this flooring is moisture resistant, insect/vermin proof and impact resitant, and also offers class-leading acoustic insulation.

“Plycem Cemdeck is non-combustible per ASTM E136.”

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Mainstream Modular in 2018

In the same newsletter, the MBI identifies its key mission in 2018 as helping the wider construction industry to understand not just WHY it should consider modular but HOW it can be incorporated.

“Utilizing modular construction is still a new concept for many contractors. It represents a different labor ‘profile’ on projects. It also represents a different risk, cash flow, and legal profile.  Those are a lot of ‘differents’ for a construction industry that hasn’t been the best and embracing change.

“MBI plans to work with various ‘mainstream’ construction associations and organizations to address these differences.  From possible contracts, to whitepapers, or even basic standard modular specs, we need to provide the construction industry the tools necessary to grow market share. We also need many more successful case studies to demonstrate just how effective a modular project can be.

“We need to demonstrate the modular construction will:

  • Improve project predictability
  • Reduce construction schedules
  • Help address labor shortages
  • Reduce onsite material waste
  • Reduce risk for owners
  • Improve safety for workers.”

USAP and Plycem manufacturers Allura will be at the MBI’s World of Modular 2018 event in Hollywood, Florida from March 22-25.

Click here for more details on World of Modular 2018, and don’t forget to visit the Plycem SX 20/20 booth, where our cement board specialists will be on hand to discuss incorporating the class-leading Plycem SX 20/20 structural subflooring board into your fire-rated floor assemblies.

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