Our Products

Panels Packaged

USAP’s structural cement boards represent the ultimate choice in fire-resistant structural systems for floor, roof and wall construction.

Our products are strong, easy to use, versatile and environmentally friendly.

Importantly, we continually strive to ensure they are more cost-effective than any other comparable non-combustible structural decking assemblies on the market today.

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Our Experts

Architect at work

As well as providing market-leading cement board products, USAP is committed to helping its customers find the right boards, assemblies and solutions for every project requirement.

That is why everyone at USAP, from office to regional representatives, is a fiber cement board specialist.

Our consultative and technical approach means that USAP can respond rapidly to special orders, unique project requirements or requests for customization.

Our Service

Construction Worker

USAP is proud to be a US company with its core manufacturing partners and its research, supply and distribution facilities all based in the region – a compact structure which ensures reliable supply and on-site delivery of products where and when our customers need them.

Our entire account and supply chain management process is designed to meet the increasingly just-in-time operations of both on-site contractors and off-site modular builders.

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Innovative by Design

USAP is committed to continual product and service innovation, meeting the evolving needs of the on-site and off-site construction sectors.

Our product development programme is supported by regular testing to ensure our cement boards continue to meet the increasing code requirements for non-combustibility and load bearing performance.

Our innovative and environmentally-safe products are also made with recycled materials, and can make important contributions to LEED certification.